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From a very young age I was having experiences with the spirit world however it wasn’t until in my 20’s that I started to delve into the practice of doing spiritual readings for myself and friends.

I continued my life journey exploring a widely different array of career paths expanding my knowledge and skillsets, however it did not bring the internal love and happiness I was looking for in my life's work! 

My soul was restless and my connection to the spirit world was growing stronger and louder everyday.

After my own spiritual awakening and transformation I answered the call to what my soul’s purpose was brought here to do. Through my own healing journey and learning from some of  the most amazing leading spiritual mentors as my teachers, I have alchemised all my wisdom to offer a sacred space for you to feel safe and supported with no judgement but with love, compassion.

I am a fully accredited Master Energy Healer in Tera Mai Reiki, Seichem, Intuitive Development, Soul Rescue and Subconscious Exploration. I have practiced and studied several different meditation and breathing modalities and am currently studying "Bodywork for Pets". 


I founded and established Guided Energies as a safe, open and comfortable space supporting clients to evolve, transform and grow.


A Psychic Medium and Intuitive Healer, I connect with spirit through healings, workshops and events dedicating my life teachings to helping others.  

My healing sessions help people release old patterns and stagnant energies allowing them to receive more light from spirit as you discover a deeper connection with you mind, body and spirit. You will leave the sessions feeling calm, light, whole, grounded and with new energy to follow and explore your own path and gifts.


I invite you to have deeper conversations with yourself...

Maritza xx