About the Event

Join Maritza in this special soul journey. This beautiful, guided journey will draw on Maritza's calling as a Lightworker, Spiritual Guide and Master Healer.


Maritza will give everyone in the room an individual energetic healing and will call in her guides and your guides to support you as the healing energies integrate and align. We will also spend time doing a connection circle, fire ceremony with deep manifesting and releasing work.


Maritza will combine sound healing, meditation, energetic work and breathwork for you to upgrade on all levels - energetically, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.


Who are these sessions for?

Everybody is welcome with open hearts into a safe sacred space allowing you to fully surrender and enjoy this magical journey. These sessions are for those wanting to connect with their higher self, go deeper within their meditation practice or simply enjoy the soothing sounds and energetic sensations as you blissfully drift off into a deep relaxation


You will get exactly what you need out of this session and no two journey's are the same.


You will leave the session feeling clearer, lighter and ready to integrate the changes you seek.


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